Kim & Hong third show / kimi art

Leaks / kimi art

Kim & Hong second show / Gallery lux

Kim & Hong first show / Art space J

A better place to kiss you / kimi art

Asian express / Daegu photo biennale 2016.

Double dots / Gallery meme.

Not architectural photo but photographic architecture / Thetexasproject.

Breathing house project 2 - Thinking / Kimi art.

B side / TheTexasproject.

Modern times 4 - Jingle Jingle / Kimi Art.

Good, Bad and Ugly / 24-5 Maehyang-dong Suwon.

We all in Truth. The light and Modern times / Alejandro Gallery, Barcelona.

15 Shelters  / TheTexasproject.

Modern times 3 - Gloomy Rhythms / Gallery Dos.

Epoche / Kimi art.

Light on Piece / Kips gallery Seoul.

Masters of Letters / Bermondsey  Project Space, London.  

Mlitt, Glasgow school of art / Light house, Glasgow.

Masters of Letters  / Mackintosh building. Glasgow.









Alejandrogallery is pleased to present for first time in Barcelona, the exhibition proposal of two south corean artists: Eun Kuang Light Park and Hyun Hong. This proposal is two photographic projects, each one explores a different issue, but they are connected with lifestyle and fears of the contemporary people:

HYUN HONG presents ¡°Modern Times¡± exploring the relationship of the people and the contemporary spaces in the cities, the things they do again and again. The structured surroundings and the systematics behavior generates that people are loosing his identity. The artist offers a cynical manner to look at it: ¡°People lined-­?up on a bus, holding onto hangers, look like washing hung on a clothesline¡±

EUN KUANG LIGHT PARK presents ¡°Light¡±, the time dominated by the dark brings about difficulties in recognizing things and that produces fear, which would lead to a desire to search for the light. o the reproduction by photos ,¡°unrealities¡±, that are helping to feel a comfortable ¡°reality¡±. / Alejandro Gallery.