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1. God and Devil.

The ratio of good and evilí» is composed naturally except a case in which God makes up the 100% of the good (and 0% evil), and the devil makes up the 100% of the evil (and 0% good). Depending on the object for judgment, the situation of the object, there are billions of combinations of these. The clear distinction between these two is something like the idea that is discussed on the level of the religious and fairy tales.

It is very easy to understand God and Devil but other things are not. It is because the understanding of a situation (value judgment) begins after considering these two.

If one is not mechanophobic, and refuses to use a smartphone - which many people already use to their benefit -, this would be a rather excessive paranoia that would seem to be an act of negativeness for negativeness sake. More than expected, people find many positive aspects of using smartphones. However, in order to fully understand the situation we need to consider the unmentioned, negative side. As I previously mentioned, positivity is just a value minus negativity.

Thus, we need to simultaneously surf Godí»s Facebook and the Devilí»s Facebook through twin monitors.


2. The Globalization of theSensibility of control + c , control + v

Some people say that soap operas exists between commercials rather than saying commercials exist between soap operas. It does make sense that soap operas are made in order to show advertisements. It has been a while that broadcasting has obviously become a field of capital where money flows and is concentrated. In the present time, a considerable amount of soap opera is filled with the advertisement of goods.

Would it be too pessimistic to say that machines will communicate to each other through humans while excluding the humans in the near future? What do machines want to pursue by communicating through humans? It is money. It is the natural flow of capitalism. Many people would agree that this has already begun. And the money flows into the capitalists who make the machines and others who maintain the system. Although machines seem to mediate information and the emotions of people - and give a lot of pleasure - wouldní»t a state of alienation by machine repeat again in the future? Individuals would exist as a unit of the capitalist system, and would be structured as dots, and degenerate as more isolated and lonely beings. We would merely become dots. 


image cropped.


3. Dot and Dots

All the sources of my work are photographic. The camera is the entrance to my work. At times, I maintain things that have come through the entrance intact up to the last moment. At other times, I export totally different works to the exit. By adding and subtracting different kinds of images and combining and revising them, I make my desired outcome. As aesthetic compositions of words create literature, I create stories that I want to deliver by visually reconstructing elements of the image onto a plane. These are surely fakes. However, if fakeness is a part of the process of reaching honesty, I will love it. After taking pictures of approximately 250 people talking on the phone from a crane view, I made several compositions.

A. On a black surface, I made images of people talking on the phone by formlessly sprinkling sand. Individuals look as small as tiny dots, and they look like nameless beings floating around in a black sea.

B. Make a caricature of the direction of the huge group that we cannot easily perceive and the flow of the time into a virtual animated worm.

C. Compare the isolated and at the same time lonely individuals to tiny stone fragments on asphalt. 2 . Small white stone fragments are embedded and scattered over the black asphalt in most streets of Glasgow (UK), where I studied. I inlaid people in the same location of the stones on the asphalt. They are placed there like small particles, debris.

D. Group them by color. Represent the collectivization of value, movement, taste.

E. Juxtapose people with the common consumer goods. We think that we are living while consuming something, but at the same time we might be consumed by something too.

Everyday we pray to be valuable beings, but on the back-side is the possibility that existence is filled with meaningless daily life. The sense of the presence of scattered objects and that of people are placed side by side.


image cropped.


4 And ArtíŽ

Maybe the human race will continue to follow the machinery of civilization until the replication of lives - humans that are identical with themselves. Expecting to climb over the throne of God. However, there is someone like me who will warn us, afraid of the Second Genesis. There are enemies of science who criticize the arrogance of humans and their belief towards machinery. There are idealists who wish to rescue the dots, people who are stuck in the black sea.

This is one of the things that artists must do. This is the privilege to thoroughly observe and criticize. One might say that a poet is the antenna of the people. An artist does this as well. Art, that does not have to follow the habits and values of many people, can do this.


Artist statement.