Modern Times  1.


Modern Times  2.


Modern Times  3. gloomy rhythms


Modern Times  4. jingle jingle


Dot + Dots.




A hole.


A better place to kiss you.


Photoraphic Look 1. a construction


Photoraphic Look 2. a sign




in the dream

at the break of day

in the morning

in the afternoon

in the evening

in the night


1. This exhibition consists of the selected silver prints from black and white films taken from 2003 to 2016. The title is a bit romantic.


2. A method of creating an artwork has always been a very large question to an artist and especially to a photographer. Like in the time when the method of taking a picture has to be decided either in the analogue or digital ways, prints are made, a frame is chosen and etc., photographers relatively make more choices in the process of their practice and have to carry responsibilities of their choices from the following cumbersome questions.

It is true that the processes including the choices of a camera, film and printing methods keep a close relationship with the attitude of a photographer, the method of telling a story, the last touch and etc. in photography. Therefore, a photographer has to consider various aspects in order to make the organic harmony of his subject and the methods of processing it, and audiences also need to think about a photographers decisions when enjoying his photography. Of course, this also means in my practice.


3. Art cannot speak for language. Language is rather a prison to us. Art can be something outside of that prison, starting from somewhere that language does not reach. Art exists because there are still things that cannot be expressed in language. Whereas language cannot stand for art. What is expressed in art cannot be returned to language and it is not even necessary. Language has its own level and class.

Unfortunately, the total amount of language that takes out a loan on the security of artworks seems to be almost infinite today. Contemporary art emphasizing the theory with the poor visibility looks like a feast of language and only noisiness is left behind. As Jean Baudrillard mentions in his book <Le Complot de LArt (The Conspiracy of Art)>, the reasons that art only exists in the circuit of art and this is actually a conspiracy is from the fact that the theory, critic and trend are the important elements in art. Contemporary artworks are so weak that they cannot stand as they are anymore. In other words, todays artworks are anxious and the rear of the artworks is rebellious.

It is a pity that what the nonmainstream critics such as Ephraim Kishon and Tom Wolfe said about the literary characteristic of contemporary art did not get attention much but I believe that there will be from the mainstream soon. If art is about touching the world outside of the prison or at least pointing it, I hope my photography always stay outside of it.


4.The time that one fall in love was beautiful. The time that one could kiss was beautiful. Illness in search of love probably means the time that one suffers from love day and night or the moment that one sends the universe of the mind by kissing. If my photography can be a background of that time, it is enough. Make you and him stand in my photography. Imagine and Kiss. A place and time do not matter. Anywhere and anytime. I hope you can remember your moment even if it is just for a while.

I got older as snow piled up in a night. Memories are also piled up. Because it is always up there and because it is in the place where I cannot reach, I know that it is sad and I miss it. However, I should learn to love it instead of only missing it. I should know that it is mine and enfold it. I should carry it like a card in my wallet.


Artist statement.