Modern Times  1.


Modern Times  2.


Modern Times  3. gloomy rhythms


Modern Times  4. jingle jingle


Dot + Dots.




A hole.


A better place to kiss you.


Photographic Look 1. a construction


Photoraphic Look 2. a sign




Type 1

Type 2

1.The reason that one becomes captivated by photography more and more as time goes by after the first start is on the mutuality of a camera and visibility. A camera is a medium changing the act of seeing to the act of looking, which means it changes a superficial and habitual perception to a specific and active perception. A camera itself already has influence on the visibility of a photographer who tries to capture an object in photography before the result comes out. By the way, is looking better than seeing? In art, surely it is. Making an observation in art starts from looking. When seeing, an artist does not find anything because everything passes by.


However, a camera forces to look in the restricted condition with its rectangular frame so a photographer has to carefully cut his object to fit in. In this respect, flaming is the photographical result of a photographers continuous looking. That is why all of photography is subjective. No one includes what is against his idea in a frame. People who say that they are making an objective approach are all lying.


2.Photographic Look 1: It is the Visual Architecture Series consisting of photographs of architectures. First, in Type I, various architectures are placed in a frame of patterns. Discontinuous photographs are placed in continuous visual orders. Secondly, Type 2 is about going deeply into architectures and only using small parts for visual elements. They are all formal in the ordinary meaning.

The flat composition eventually starts from the separation of form and background. Form (or an object) and background are visually in the complex relationship continuously negotiating, conflicting and cooperating, and how they are controlled is depend on a photographers style, which can be defined as a consistent individually. I hope there is nothing in the background outside of form as possible as it can be. It should be simple at least. I hate how the background interferes with an object. It is difficult to see. It has been my obsessional behavior and it became my aesthetic standard some time ago. That is why my work seems so formal.


3.If an architect is a person who builds with physical materials, a photographer is a person who builds with visibility. A photographer has to transfer physical materials into visual elements, and completes with his own story. Making an object exist in photography is not just done by capturing with a camera but a photographers senses are required for composition and a message. When taking photos of architecture, a photographer has to imagine what an architect could not imagine, a photographers own architecture in his mind. This is because photography represents a photographers viewpoint and attitude towards his object if it is not commercial photography; be that as it may, I do not mean to disparage commercial photography. My photography is photography-architecture.


Artist statement.